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Pop Rewind Podcast Features BTTF Almanac Authors Rob Klein and Jennifer Smith!

Back to the Future Almanac 1985-2015 authors Rob Klein and Jennifer Smith were interviewed by Linz and Lee from the popular entertainment website Pop Rewind.  It has all of the hallmarks of a great interview: it’s fun, somewhat informative, and kinda silly. Here’s Pop Rewind’s description of the author’s podcast and BTTF book below, with a link. From Pop Rewind: […]

Thanks For Making Comic Con 2014 a Triumph!

Our visit to Comic Con was great. There were so many BTTF fans there who were excited to talk about the book that the experience was nothing short of incredible. It certainly seems like the buildup to 2015 will be very exciting for fans of the franchise, and there will be more and more excellent BTTF […]

The Star of BTTF? A Toyota, Of Course!

An interesting item available at the dawn of the release of BTTF: a California Raisins tie-in item that was a bit of a throw-away, more of a kid’s toy than a product for adult collectors. In fact, the toy car offered was Marty’s 4 x 4 dream truck, and not the vehicular star of the film, […]